Sunday, May 19, 2013

Newspaper And Movie Thingamajiggies!

Aaaaaahhhh! I just watched Doctor Who, like the latest episode "The Name of the Doctor" and now I'm so freaking confused! It ended showing some guy and next to the guy it said "Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor" and my sister and I were all like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!" Anyways, right now I'm listening to "Shooting Star" By Owl City. It's not my favorite song by him, but it's pretty good. Okay, so I know this might seem a little weird, but I'm thinking about doing a newspaper for my little town! I know it sounds a little far-fetched, I mean, a twelve year old running a newspaper? Yeah right! But seriously, even if it was just once a month, it would be EPIC! Plus, I have a GREAT headline for my first first page! My Mom went to buy some newspapers at Dollar Tree today, (for the coupons) and I went with her (Raven got mad at me because I made her wait to watch Doctor Who). So, when we went this old abandoned house had a whole bunch of smoke coming out of it! And the fire department was there, and it was really cool! Anyways, we went to Dollar Tree and bought her papers and a few other things and looked around a stuff, and when we came back out there was this huge cloud of black smoke coming from the house! My Mom drove over by the house since it was only like a hundred yards or something from the store, and the house was like, engulfed in huge orange and red flames! It was awesome! Black smoke was going everywhere, and frankly I think it might be the most excitement we've had in our little town ever since we got a Walmart there. Anyways, we watched for like two minutes along with a few other people and then we went to Bojangles to gets some teas, but it was seriously so cool! I took a few pictures with my iPhone and my Mom's phone, but they weren't very good. I figure that would make a GREAT first page headliner! What do you think? I didn't talk to anyone at the fire, but it would still be cool. And there's this building in downtown (when I say downtown, I mean four itty bitty run down buildings away from the highway -it's a little side of the highway town-) and I figured it would be really cool to run a newspaper out of it because it's an old building in downtown, and I would be reporting the history of our town! How cool would that be?! My Mom suggested making a blog to kinda get me started, because a blog would be way cheaper than a newspaper, but I still seriously want to do an actual paper! I would call it "The ******* Times". (I put * instead of the actual name of my hometown because of internet safety.) Or maybe I would put "Times" with a Y, just to make it look cooler. Plus there's an antique store in downtown (one of the four itty bitty buildings) and it has in super faded letters on the building "The Past Tymes of *******"! And now the building that I wanted to run the paper out of is for rent! of course I have no where NEAR enough money to rent a building, but aaaaaaahhh! For my article, I've already decided on the name! "The Abandoned Flames" sounds cool, right? I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but seriously! It's so cool! Wow, I have talked a LOT about this little dream of mine. I really hope I'm not boring you! Okay, now I'll talk about something you might think is more interesting! My movie! My sister Raven (believe it or not, she's a strawberry blond! My parents were NOT expecting her to take after my Dad's mom!) got an electric guitar yesterday and has agreed to help me with the music for my movie! I have a mini keyboard right next to me actually, so I'm hoping I can at least sorta kinda play it for the music! I'm going to use "Let the Battle Commence" in the album called "Heroic Action Trailers" (I forgot who did it) for the trailer music, and the beginning of "Welcome to the Show" By Britt Nicole for the opening credits! I'm not going to be making any money off of this so I don't think it would matter if I use someone else's music in my movie as long as I give them credit in the end credits. Anyways, I've blabbed on and on and on enough at it is, but before I end this post, I wanted to say the names of the characters in my movie! If you want to know more about the movie, post a comment about it and I'll write the plot in the next post and answer any questions you may ask! Okay, so the characters are: Maria Prince, head of the spy organization Foxtrot, code name: Shadow. (Don't ask my why it's called foxtrot, because I just now came up with that!) Melanie Green, spy, code name: Twain (don't ask me why, Audrey, the girl who's playing Melanie, wanted that for her code name). Christina (Chris) Storm, spy, code name: Robin. Michelle Sea, spy, code name: Luna. Mary Faraday, spy, code name: Creeper. Hope Dare, spy, code name: Rainbow. Tada! I thought about changing the names like last month or something, but then I decided not to because I feel like if I change the names of the characters then it won't be the characters I wrote, it'll be someone else. I know it might sound weird, but it's true! Anyways, it's 12:46 and I haven't eaten lunch yet, plus I've already talked (or technically typed) way too much as it is, so, thanks for reading!

                             AKC <3

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