Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thank You To All Of My Readers, And To God!!!!!!!

Okay, I know I'm been gone for like, half a year, and to my loyal viewers that's a bad thing, isn't it? I just lost interest in this blog, and it seems like a lot of people never really had interest in it at all. So, new year, new start, right? I've officially created a new blog, "Imagination Studios" for my video/movie production company that God has helped me to do. I might post on this blog form time to time, but don't keep your hopes up too high... at all. I really don't want to say goodbye on this blog, so I'm not going to, I'm still going to keep it up on the interwebs, but like I said, I'm not really sure if I'll post on it. With over a year of posting and only 9 followers, I feel like a new start might be best. Plus Imagination Studios will probably be a lot more interesting, with some reports being posted about how things are going with a movie that I'm working on *wink wink*. I'm really thankful for all the followers that I have, and I really hope all y'all will check out Imagination Studios and maybe even recommend it to some friends and family. You can find the new blog at Plus, now that I'm a lot older than I was when I first started this blog (okay well maybe not a LOT older, but a lot more mature probably), this new blog might go better, especially if God is with me on this whole movie thing. Which, I reeeeeallllyyyy hope and pray He is! Well, it's really (really) painful to do this, I have to admit. But like I said, I guess it's for the best. New year, new start, right? Plus like a said a lot before, I might still post in this blog, I just rreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyyy hope Imagination Studios gets more followers and readers. Well, thank you for reading this and for being with me for so long, see you over at Imagination Studios!

God Bless y'all!!!!!!!

                                                                         AKC <3

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Information About My Life!

Oh my word I am SOOO SORRRRYYYY!!!!!! I haven't posted in foreeeeverrrrr!!! I'm so sorry! I kind of forgot I had a blog for a while, and then I was busy, and then I kind of forgot again, and then I just didn't do anything.... I'm so sorry!!!

Anyways bloggies and bloggers, I've got some news!

I'm on the road once again! Yesterday we made the long journey from central Alabama allllllll the way to Jacksonville Florida! We're staying at a hotel that interestingly enough has an Alligator living out back, in a pond that isn't even fenced off! After worship this morning I joined Raven (my sister for those new to ALC) and my Mom for breakfast, and after that we came back for a day of 'rest' in our oh so cozy hotel room. Note the sarcasm.

Our room is pretty small for me, Raven, Mom, and Dad, that's for sure. And I must say, the definition of 'queen size' beds have changed for the worse since I was little. I mean, these beds are tiny! Oh bother, I guess it's not that bad. At least the sun is shining! Which I guess is kind of normal for the sunshine state...

Right now I have officially taken over the desk area, Raven has taken over the chair and foot rest, and Mom is lying comfortably on her bed. We're watching Matlock right now, and even though the murder just happened, I am POSITIVE the nurse did it! I mean, it's so OBVIOUS! She's wearing the same coat the killer was wearing, and she wasn't there while the victim was having his heart attack with the excuse the he said she could go ahead and go.


Right now I'm trying to write a book series, name of the series soon to be released.

And on Matlock, the plot thickens O.O

Sorry! Ask any of my friends, family, and basically anyone that knows me, I am easily distracted. O.o

Back to the book series. I started writing the book but I didn't really write out my plot so it wasn't really working out, and I was trying to speed write so it basically turned out really bad once I got to chapter nine, so I decided to dump that, write an actual plot, and then write the first book.

I would also like to advertise that once I'm done with the first book, I'm going to put it on Amazon, available for download to Kindle! I'm really really really hoping and praying that it'll sell!

Yeesh, this show. Who in the world would want to be a judge in court? Let alone a lawyer!

Well I guess while I'm here I can go ahead and say that I have more big news! I'm going to be in an ice show! It's basically Disney on Ice, just a different name. (Copyright!) I'm so excited though! I'm going to be skating to the song "Touch the Sky" from the movie Brave, and also a song from The Lion King! I was so excited when I found out what song I was doing in The Lion King, mostly because it's basically my and Maddie's (Madelyn) theme song for like, everything!

Well more information coming out about my book series soon, and stay tuned for more adventures while in Jacksonville!

God Bless y'all!!!

                                                                                                  AKC <3

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I'm like, SO sorry I haven't posted in so super long! I've been really busy with my birthday party (I had a Sock Hop!!!) and with some other stuff. Like for example, my laptop is dying! My poor baby's internal fan stopped working, so it's constantly overheating! Then I had to start using my Dad's HP laptop. That thing weighs like literally ten or more pounds. One day I was trying to carry it downstairs and I accidentally dropped it. On impulse I tried to catch it with my leg (obviously not going to work, but you know you've done it too). It ended up kinda deflecting off just above my knee, resulting in a purple bruise about the size of maybe a really big quarter (yes I know all quarters are the same size, just roll with me here). Anyways, on Friday I came home from spending the day with Madelyn (Maddie) and Lydia and Bekah, and when I was about to walk into my bedroom Raven's just like "Brace yourself." and I'm like "What? Going into my room?" And she's like "Yeah." SO I'm expecting to see this big giant mess of I don't know clothes or something (my parents sometimes use my room as a storage room when I'm gone) but instead on my futon I see these weird white and orange glowing lights. My first thought was "Is that a laptop?!" So I turned on the lights and TADAAAA!!!! It was a brand new laptop with Windows 8!!!!!! I'm using it right now! This thing weighs like three pounds or something! It's SO LIIIIGHT! I like screamed and screamed and then I decided to scream again. And maybe one more time... Anyways I'm still trying to get used to it but I reeeeeally like it. The keyboard is like super nice and I just looooooove iiiiiiit!!! Anyways, right now I'm listening to Carrie Underwood "See You Again". No, don't worry. It's not that weird version by Miley Cyrus from way back when. It's really awesome and sad and awesome and awwww! Yeah... I'm weird like that. Anyways, my friends and sister and I are taking a break from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys so it doesn't become like a major obsession that takes us away from God, and it's working out pretty well! We can go back to it tomorrow, and Madelyn and I are like "OUR BOOOOOOOK!!!!!" We're writing a new book with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys in it. It's called "Fire and Ice", placed in Banff National Park, Canada. They're like staying at this resort thing and stuff. I started writing the plans for it when we're just like "B-but I really wanna start writing..." so I wrote the first chapter and then she was working on hers when Raven (my sis just if your new to my little ol' blog!) suggested that we do what we're doing now from Friday to Sunday. SO I decided to spend my Monday sleeping and watching all the Barbie movies in order. It's weird I know, but something I've actually been wanting to do for a while... DON'T JUDGE!! Hahahaha. Anyways (Yes I love the word anyways and yes I use it a lot in blog posts and no I don't use it that much in real life but just roll with me here)... So yeah. My birthday was pretty super awesomey and stuff and we dressed up in poodle skirts and had a party in my church's gym and it was really fun. Madelyn and I are working on making a music video for "Headphones" by Britt Nicole. (NOTE: If you haven't heard this song go look it up on YouTube and listen to it or I will hunt you down and force headphones on your head and make you listen to it! (Not really mostly because I don't know where you are, but GO LISTEN TO IIIIIT!!!!)) Anyways, go! Live life! Happily and for God! And you should probably go do that chore your mom is making you do!


                 AKC <3

Monday, June 24, 2013

Music And Film Projects!

"Heeyyyyyyy Mama rock meeeee!" Greetings people of earth and beyond! (If your from "beyond", please inform me of your alieness.) I guess you can probably guess what song I'm listening to, but for those of you who aren't updated on Country Music, I'm listening to "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker"! It's such a great song. And the music video has Duck Dynasty in it! I love Duck Dynasty. They're weird, fun, hilarious, wacky, and SO southern and redneck they could be my neighbors! Or something. BIG SUPAH MEGURRR NEWWWSSS!!!!!!! (Yes, I do know how to properly spell those words. No, I'm not going to change them.) It is officially 12 days until I'm no longer 12! In other words, it's 12 days until my bar mitzvah! (Yes, it is hard to find out how to spell that word. Yes, I did look it up on the internet.) In other OTHER words, I'm turning 13 in 12 days!!!! And I have officially had this blog for over a year! High five team Anna! Okay, so you may or may not remember like a year ago when I went to the family fun night drive in movie with my family... I posted some pics and such in that post! Anyways, the family fun night has come and gone for the second time! And I made sure to take pictures just for you guys! I didn't get many and they were really bad, but if you can see them here they are! Oh, and the movie we saw was "Monsters University"! We got to see it the day before it came out! It was really good, total recommendation!

                                            Of course, I had WAY more cookies than this,
                                          but the thought for a picture occurred to me here.
                                            This is from earlier that day when we went to a
                                     performance thingy for a homeschooler thingy that Maddie 
                                          was in. Maddie's in the flip flop, I'm in the converse!
                                         Ah Maddie... :D Our chairs had been in the carport
                                               for like, a year, so we had to clean them off.
                                            Ah Raven, my sister. The Auburn fan. Traitor!
                                                             (Yes, yes I am Roll Tide.)
                                         Another picture from earlier in the day from the car.
                                          We rode with Maddie and her Mom and sis, and
                                                          I was trying to get cool angles!
                                          I was also listening to I Heart Radio on my phone.
                                                         BLOWN AAWWAAAYYYY!!!
So yeah... Sorry they aren't very good pictures! Right now I'm listening to Better Dig Two by The Band Perry. Earlier I was listening to Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert. I'm about to switch back to Wagon Wheel! :D Anyways, BIG NEWS! Maddie and I are going to start (drum rollllll....) A WE SHOW!!!! Mega epicy cool, right? I think it's going to be called Messy Madness, and we're going to post it on YouTube. I don't know when we're going to start it, or if Maddie's parents are even going to say yes, but it's going to be so super cool! It's going to be kind of like iCarly, except on the actual internet and slightly different. It's going to be mega awesome, that's all I know! And you might be wondering about my movie. Well, I'm ready to kick Lauren and Audrey out of my movie, and I would have if I had the choice. But unfortunately, I don't. The movie has to have twins in it, and Lydi and Becca can't do it thanks to their parents (overprotective, if you know what I mean). I know another set of twins, but they're not my closest friends and they have to work in the daytime and I don't think they'd be very reliable, and I'm not even sure if they'd want to do it. Well, my problem with Audrey and Lauren is that they're totally not taking this movie seriously, they've been blowing off my filming schedule, and it's driving me NUTS! So I told Lauren that they were both out of the movie, but then I realized I couldn't do that for the reasons listed above. So yeah, I'm kind of venting. So now I've decided to take a hesitant but needed break from my movie and focus on the web show, and I also want to make a music video! I want to use the song "The Lost Get Found" by "Britt Nicole". She's like, my favorite artist. She's a Christian and her songs are SUPER cool. She's the one that did the song "Gold". Anyways, enough but my problems and back to happiness! Like lunch! That sounds goodish! Okay, well I think I'm going to go see about lunch. We're having Veggie Scallops!(Don't ask, just don't ask... they're really good!)
                         AKC <3

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Woes Of Life

Oh my word! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long! It's mostly just been no motivation, but then it was Vacation Bible School. Which technically it isn't vacation for me since I have to do summer school :P. I have to do summer school just because I'm SUPER behind in my school work. Like, SUPER SUPER behind. Yeah, it totally stinks. But I did feel my spirits sour when I came to post and I found out I have a new follower to my blog! Thank you sooooooooooooooo super much Piano Bookworm, for following my blog! With 108 posts and only 8 followers, I feel so totally successful whenever I get a new blog. Obviously, I'm not very good at spreading the word about this blog. Well, as usual I'm listening to music! Right now I'm listening to Nancy Drew, Warnings at Waverly Academy on YouTube, the video is done by "Nilanna" and the game Warnings at Waverly Academy is done by "Her Interactive". Lately Nancy Drew sound tracks is like, all I've been listening to whenever I'm on my laptop. They're just so cool sounding and I've gotten bored with the other songs that I listen to on YouTube, so, tada! Solution! Anyways, I think a great topic for this post would be VBS Stress! Or VBS Tiredness. Yeah, I definitely like that one better. All week I've had to get up at around 6:30 A.M. and then go pick up Lydia, Bekah, and of COURSE their little sister Sarah. I type this word in all caps because Sarah is nine, and ANNOYING. Her mom doesn't want her to feel left out, and I can understand that, especially during VBS, but at least she could stop talking! I mean, SERIOUSLY! I guess I'm kind of hating on Sarah right now, and I personally apologize even though I could just hold down the back space button for a while, but then the post wouldn't be as long. Plus, this blog is about my life, the ups and the downs. Which frankly, I complain WAY too much. My life is awesome! I have totally EPIC parents that everyone loves, and yeah I have to do summer school, but it won't be that bad! I hope! Plus I have a totally awesome sister whom I've been getting along with more lately, and I have a totally awesome church family. Plus, I have God. I mean, what more could a girl need? Well, technically a bed and a house and stuff, but loving God means that God will provide for my needs, and He so totally has! Well, I guess I have been having some trouble with my friends though... Sadie Anne has been spending like, weeks at a time with Lauren and Audrey (Lauren and Audrey are twins, and twins are sisters, so Lauren and Audrey live together, which means they both see Sadie Anne for weeks at a time.) and I feel completely left out. Especially since Sadie Anne might be taking Lauren and Audrey to Washington DC with her! She said she would invite me to go along too, but they're not going to have enough seats in their car. And Sadie Anne and her family were stranded in Maryland, so Lauren and Audrey's grandmother offered to drive to Maryland to bring them back home. Yet, they can't come to my HOUSE which is like half an hour away from theirs on a regular basis to pick me up for some event. Plus Sadie Anne is all Audrey can talk about, and she and Sadie always go off together whenever I'm around them both. And it's just really really upsetting. I mean, I know they have the right to have friends too, but they complain that pretty much the only friends they have are from my church, or I introduced them or something like that. Which means they pretty much hog ALL my friends. Except for my friend Cassidy, whom I've referred to before as Eunice. Last time I heard from her she was excited about going to New York wither youth group. Other than that, she hasn't been answering my texts. One time I called her house and her brother picked up the phone and said she was outside, and since Cassidy lives in the subdivision across the street from me, Raven (my sister) and I decided to walk down there to see if we could talk to her. Desperate, right? We did get to talk to her thanks to her mom and we went swimming in her pool together, unfortunately it was with her other brother too, but we still got to talk to her. After that she came to my house, but that's the last I've heard from her other than her being excited about New York. I miss her so much! I'm 12, and she's turning 17 next month, so I understand that she wouldn't want to hang out with me that much because she might thing I'm too immature or something, but the thing is she's told me that she missed me and Raven one time! So I really miss her. I've gotten a lot closer to Madelyn and realized I totally judged her too quickly even though I've known her for a while. I realized that she's a completely loyal friend that hates it when people get left out. Unfortunately, my loyal friend has left to go to Montana for 2ish weeks. D': So now I have Lydia and Bekah. I mean, I love them and their cool people, it's just they have super overprotective parents and I don't see them all that much. Plus even though they're my good friends, I still feel like I'm closer to my other friends. Even though, I think they're farther from me. Audrey just doesn't seem to get the fact that I feel abandoned, and Lauren gets it but she's not doing anything about it. I think I'm about to cry now! Okay, ummmmm... happy subject! Come on Anna! Be cheerful! Well, this Saturday - since that's Sabbath for me - me and a few other kids are doing a skit for the end program for Vacation Bible School. I'm the lead role, so I say the most. But unfortunately it seems like I'm the only person who actually made an effort to do my lines right and work SUPER hard at memorizing them. The other people doing it are a girl named Kayla (I know her but I wouldn't say we're exactly friends because we don't talk that much at ALL), a guy named Jimmy (I don't know him at all), a sweet girl named Bailey (she has a medical problem so that she shakes all the time even when she speaks but she's super sweet but doctors don't know what's wrong with her), and Chrissy (I think I've mentioned Chrissy before on my blog. She's really annoying sometimes but at other times she's pretty cool, then at other times she's so bossy it's not even funny). The problem is, Chrissy is playing the other lead role, a character named Wally. It's supposed to be played by a guy, but since Chrissy's a girl she changed her name to Shadow (I personally don't think the name works for her or her character at all, but it's her choice!). Since she's playing the other lead role, she keeps telling everyone what to do and it's SUPER annoying. Kayla's actually pretty good at her part, (a supporting role who's only in there for a little bit of the skit) but again, it seems like she hasn't made an effort with her lines and movements. Jimmy's actually pretty good, but we have a few timing issues that we need to sort out. Other than that that's it with him. Bailey's supposed to be playing a big tough strong person named Freddy the Friendless, but since she's a girl she changed it to Fran the Friendless. But since she's rather small and she has her medical problem, it's pretty hard for her as that character. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's in it and I think it's awesome that she wants to be a part of it, and I think it's cool that she's not letting her medical problem get in her way, but the only problem is- it does get in the way. She can't say her words properly because of it, it takes her a while to say them and they come out shakey, and like I said, this is supposed to be a mean tough strong character. Plus her character is supposed to fall in the middle of the stage and pitch a comical fit, but she doesn't like fall the right way so instead of being on her knees she's like lying on her side on the floor, and I'm really scared that people will think something happened to her. I know I'm sounding really critical of everybody but myself, so here's some problems for myself! I keep forgetting my lines so I have to change them around, but then when I change them around they don't fit right, or I forget to say something entirely. I've been working really hard at memorizing and I've also been praying that God will help me with it, so I'm really hoping that when we practice tomorrow everything will go way better than it did today. I feel so selfish now, criticizing so many people so hard. I'm sorry! I'm trying to get better, I really am! but sometimes things just flow and the truth is I'm pretty selfish. But I am working on getting better! Really! WOW! This post got super long super fast, so over and out fellow bloggies and bloggers! Thanks for listening to the woes of my life!


                                        AKC <3

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Newspaper And Movie Thingamajiggies!

Aaaaaahhhh! I just watched Doctor Who, like the latest episode "The Name of the Doctor" and now I'm so freaking confused! It ended showing some guy and next to the guy it said "Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor" and my sister and I were all like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!" Anyways, right now I'm listening to "Shooting Star" By Owl City. It's not my favorite song by him, but it's pretty good. Okay, so I know this might seem a little weird, but I'm thinking about doing a newspaper for my little town! I know it sounds a little far-fetched, I mean, a twelve year old running a newspaper? Yeah right! But seriously, even if it was just once a month, it would be EPIC! Plus, I have a GREAT headline for my first first page! My Mom went to buy some newspapers at Dollar Tree today, (for the coupons) and I went with her (Raven got mad at me because I made her wait to watch Doctor Who). So, when we went this old abandoned house had a whole bunch of smoke coming out of it! And the fire department was there, and it was really cool! Anyways, we went to Dollar Tree and bought her papers and a few other things and looked around a stuff, and when we came back out there was this huge cloud of black smoke coming from the house! My Mom drove over by the house since it was only like a hundred yards or something from the store, and the house was like, engulfed in huge orange and red flames! It was awesome! Black smoke was going everywhere, and frankly I think it might be the most excitement we've had in our little town ever since we got a Walmart there. Anyways, we watched for like two minutes along with a few other people and then we went to Bojangles to gets some teas, but it was seriously so cool! I took a few pictures with my iPhone and my Mom's phone, but they weren't very good. I figure that would make a GREAT first page headliner! What do you think? I didn't talk to anyone at the fire, but it would still be cool. And there's this building in downtown (when I say downtown, I mean four itty bitty run down buildings away from the highway -it's a little side of the highway town-) and I figured it would be really cool to run a newspaper out of it because it's an old building in downtown, and I would be reporting the history of our town! How cool would that be?! My Mom suggested making a blog to kinda get me started, because a blog would be way cheaper than a newspaper, but I still seriously want to do an actual paper! I would call it "The ******* Times". (I put * instead of the actual name of my hometown because of internet safety.) Or maybe I would put "Times" with a Y, just to make it look cooler. Plus there's an antique store in downtown (one of the four itty bitty buildings) and it has in super faded letters on the building "The Past Tymes of *******"! And now the building that I wanted to run the paper out of is for rent! of course I have no where NEAR enough money to rent a building, but aaaaaaahhh! For my article, I've already decided on the name! "The Abandoned Flames" sounds cool, right? I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but seriously! It's so cool! Wow, I have talked a LOT about this little dream of mine. I really hope I'm not boring you! Okay, now I'll talk about something you might think is more interesting! My movie! My sister Raven (believe it or not, she's a strawberry blond! My parents were NOT expecting her to take after my Dad's mom!) got an electric guitar yesterday and has agreed to help me with the music for my movie! I have a mini keyboard right next to me actually, so I'm hoping I can at least sorta kinda play it for the music! I'm going to use "Let the Battle Commence" in the album called "Heroic Action Trailers" (I forgot who did it) for the trailer music, and the beginning of "Welcome to the Show" By Britt Nicole for the opening credits! I'm not going to be making any money off of this so I don't think it would matter if I use someone else's music in my movie as long as I give them credit in the end credits. Anyways, I've blabbed on and on and on enough at it is, but before I end this post, I wanted to say the names of the characters in my movie! If you want to know more about the movie, post a comment about it and I'll write the plot in the next post and answer any questions you may ask! Okay, so the characters are: Maria Prince, head of the spy organization Foxtrot, code name: Shadow. (Don't ask my why it's called foxtrot, because I just now came up with that!) Melanie Green, spy, code name: Twain (don't ask me why, Audrey, the girl who's playing Melanie, wanted that for her code name). Christina (Chris) Storm, spy, code name: Robin. Michelle Sea, spy, code name: Luna. Mary Faraday, spy, code name: Creeper. Hope Dare, spy, code name: Rainbow. Tada! I thought about changing the names like last month or something, but then I decided not to because I feel like if I change the names of the characters then it won't be the characters I wrote, it'll be someone else. I know it might sound weird, but it's true! Anyways, it's 12:46 and I haven't eaten lunch yet, plus I've already talked (or technically typed) way too much as it is, so, thanks for reading!

                             AKC <3

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I'm still alive! Don't worry, it's true! I'm not a robot! Or a ghost! Or a zombie! Even though if I was a robot I'd type all like "Greetings humans of the planet Earth." But if I was a ghost I'd be like "woooo I am coming to get youuuuuuu!" Then again, if I was a zombie I'd be like "ajiufbdfuiakjfvnif braaaaaiiinnnsssssss aufbhngvliaufblsf..." Anyways, to hopefully make up for not posting in so long, here's some pictures I took around my property! I hope you like them! Okay, so lately in my life my movie has kind of been put on hold. Why? It's because Sadie was playing Hope Dare in the movie and she's currently in some northern state that starts with an M for a family reunion, and she might not get back until the 30th, so you can see why it's been kinda delayed. Well, my book is going pretty well though! I was writing and then I was looking back for something and I realized I had totally forgot about one character in the book, so now I'm going back to the beginning and reading through it. I kind of lost motivation, but since I've gotten so far I know I can't give up now! So I'm going back to the beginning. Oh, and GUESS WHAT! For all of you Nancy Drew fans out there, I played the newest and creepiest game, Ghost of Thornton Hall, and in case you haven't played it yet, WARNING: It's really scary! But when I finished it I saw the inside of the next game, and if you haven't seen it yet, WARNING: You might have a major heart attack! If you haven't seen it and you want to, either look it up on YouTube or comment on this post and I'll write something about it in my next post! My jaw DROPPED and I was like staring at my computer screen in utter shock. It's a megasupermajorepicawesomeaaaaaaahhhhhmindblowing moment. And yes, I know all those words together don't make a word for all of you out there who are OCD. Too bad! Because if you had seen it, you would be combining all those words too! Anyways, usually I'm listening to music while I post this, and I usually tell you what I'm listening to. Well, I'm here to inform you that both of those 'usually's' are very true today. I'm listening to some songs from "Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon" by "Nilanna" on YouTube. Well, I guess that's pretty much all I have to say. Thanks for stopping by and experiencing the weird person who has a weird blog, other wise known as me!

AKC <3