Sunday, July 28, 2013


I'm like, SO sorry I haven't posted in so super long! I've been really busy with my birthday party (I had a Sock Hop!!!) and with some other stuff. Like for example, my laptop is dying! My poor baby's internal fan stopped working, so it's constantly overheating! Then I had to start using my Dad's HP laptop. That thing weighs like literally ten or more pounds. One day I was trying to carry it downstairs and I accidentally dropped it. On impulse I tried to catch it with my leg (obviously not going to work, but you know you've done it too). It ended up kinda deflecting off just above my knee, resulting in a purple bruise about the size of maybe a really big quarter (yes I know all quarters are the same size, just roll with me here). Anyways, on Friday I came home from spending the day with Madelyn (Maddie) and Lydia and Bekah, and when I was about to walk into my bedroom Raven's just like "Brace yourself." and I'm like "What? Going into my room?" And she's like "Yeah." SO I'm expecting to see this big giant mess of I don't know clothes or something (my parents sometimes use my room as a storage room when I'm gone) but instead on my futon I see these weird white and orange glowing lights. My first thought was "Is that a laptop?!" So I turned on the lights and TADAAAA!!!! It was a brand new laptop with Windows 8!!!!!! I'm using it right now! This thing weighs like three pounds or something! It's SO LIIIIGHT! I like screamed and screamed and then I decided to scream again. And maybe one more time... Anyways I'm still trying to get used to it but I reeeeeally like it. The keyboard is like super nice and I just looooooove iiiiiiit!!! Anyways, right now I'm listening to Carrie Underwood "See You Again". No, don't worry. It's not that weird version by Miley Cyrus from way back when. It's really awesome and sad and awesome and awwww! Yeah... I'm weird like that. Anyways, my friends and sister and I are taking a break from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys so it doesn't become like a major obsession that takes us away from God, and it's working out pretty well! We can go back to it tomorrow, and Madelyn and I are like "OUR BOOOOOOOK!!!!!" We're writing a new book with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys in it. It's called "Fire and Ice", placed in Banff National Park, Canada. They're like staying at this resort thing and stuff. I started writing the plans for it when we're just like "B-but I really wanna start writing..." so I wrote the first chapter and then she was working on hers when Raven (my sis just if your new to my little ol' blog!) suggested that we do what we're doing now from Friday to Sunday. SO I decided to spend my Monday sleeping and watching all the Barbie movies in order. It's weird I know, but something I've actually been wanting to do for a while... DON'T JUDGE!! Hahahaha. Anyways (Yes I love the word anyways and yes I use it a lot in blog posts and no I don't use it that much in real life but just roll with me here)... So yeah. My birthday was pretty super awesomey and stuff and we dressed up in poodle skirts and had a party in my church's gym and it was really fun. Madelyn and I are working on making a music video for "Headphones" by Britt Nicole. (NOTE: If you haven't heard this song go look it up on YouTube and listen to it or I will hunt you down and force headphones on your head and make you listen to it! (Not really mostly because I don't know where you are, but GO LISTEN TO IIIIIT!!!!)) Anyways, go! Live life! Happily and for God! And you should probably go do that chore your mom is making you do!


                 AKC <3

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