Monday, June 24, 2013

Music And Film Projects!

"Heeyyyyyyy Mama rock meeeee!" Greetings people of earth and beyond! (If your from "beyond", please inform me of your alieness.) I guess you can probably guess what song I'm listening to, but for those of you who aren't updated on Country Music, I'm listening to "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker"! It's such a great song. And the music video has Duck Dynasty in it! I love Duck Dynasty. They're weird, fun, hilarious, wacky, and SO southern and redneck they could be my neighbors! Or something. BIG SUPAH MEGURRR NEWWWSSS!!!!!!! (Yes, I do know how to properly spell those words. No, I'm not going to change them.) It is officially 12 days until I'm no longer 12! In other words, it's 12 days until my bar mitzvah! (Yes, it is hard to find out how to spell that word. Yes, I did look it up on the internet.) In other OTHER words, I'm turning 13 in 12 days!!!! And I have officially had this blog for over a year! High five team Anna! Okay, so you may or may not remember like a year ago when I went to the family fun night drive in movie with my family... I posted some pics and such in that post! Anyways, the family fun night has come and gone for the second time! And I made sure to take pictures just for you guys! I didn't get many and they were really bad, but if you can see them here they are! Oh, and the movie we saw was "Monsters University"! We got to see it the day before it came out! It was really good, total recommendation!

                                            Of course, I had WAY more cookies than this,
                                          but the thought for a picture occurred to me here.
                                            This is from earlier that day when we went to a
                                     performance thingy for a homeschooler thingy that Maddie 
                                          was in. Maddie's in the flip flop, I'm in the converse!
                                         Ah Maddie... :D Our chairs had been in the carport
                                               for like, a year, so we had to clean them off.
                                            Ah Raven, my sister. The Auburn fan. Traitor!
                                                             (Yes, yes I am Roll Tide.)
                                         Another picture from earlier in the day from the car.
                                          We rode with Maddie and her Mom and sis, and
                                                          I was trying to get cool angles!
                                          I was also listening to I Heart Radio on my phone.
                                                         BLOWN AAWWAAAYYYY!!!
So yeah... Sorry they aren't very good pictures! Right now I'm listening to Better Dig Two by The Band Perry. Earlier I was listening to Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert. I'm about to switch back to Wagon Wheel! :D Anyways, BIG NEWS! Maddie and I are going to start (drum rollllll....) A WE SHOW!!!! Mega epicy cool, right? I think it's going to be called Messy Madness, and we're going to post it on YouTube. I don't know when we're going to start it, or if Maddie's parents are even going to say yes, but it's going to be so super cool! It's going to be kind of like iCarly, except on the actual internet and slightly different. It's going to be mega awesome, that's all I know! And you might be wondering about my movie. Well, I'm ready to kick Lauren and Audrey out of my movie, and I would have if I had the choice. But unfortunately, I don't. The movie has to have twins in it, and Lydi and Becca can't do it thanks to their parents (overprotective, if you know what I mean). I know another set of twins, but they're not my closest friends and they have to work in the daytime and I don't think they'd be very reliable, and I'm not even sure if they'd want to do it. Well, my problem with Audrey and Lauren is that they're totally not taking this movie seriously, they've been blowing off my filming schedule, and it's driving me NUTS! So I told Lauren that they were both out of the movie, but then I realized I couldn't do that for the reasons listed above. So yeah, I'm kind of venting. So now I've decided to take a hesitant but needed break from my movie and focus on the web show, and I also want to make a music video! I want to use the song "The Lost Get Found" by "Britt Nicole". She's like, my favorite artist. She's a Christian and her songs are SUPER cool. She's the one that did the song "Gold". Anyways, enough but my problems and back to happiness! Like lunch! That sounds goodish! Okay, well I think I'm going to go see about lunch. We're having Veggie Scallops!(Don't ask, just don't ask... they're really good!)
                         AKC <3

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