Thursday, October 10, 2013

Information About My Life!

Oh my word I am SOOO SORRRRYYYY!!!!!! I haven't posted in foreeeeverrrrr!!! I'm so sorry! I kind of forgot I had a blog for a while, and then I was busy, and then I kind of forgot again, and then I just didn't do anything.... I'm so sorry!!!

Anyways bloggies and bloggers, I've got some news!

I'm on the road once again! Yesterday we made the long journey from central Alabama allllllll the way to Jacksonville Florida! We're staying at a hotel that interestingly enough has an Alligator living out back, in a pond that isn't even fenced off! After worship this morning I joined Raven (my sister for those new to ALC) and my Mom for breakfast, and after that we came back for a day of 'rest' in our oh so cozy hotel room. Note the sarcasm.

Our room is pretty small for me, Raven, Mom, and Dad, that's for sure. And I must say, the definition of 'queen size' beds have changed for the worse since I was little. I mean, these beds are tiny! Oh bother, I guess it's not that bad. At least the sun is shining! Which I guess is kind of normal for the sunshine state...

Right now I have officially taken over the desk area, Raven has taken over the chair and foot rest, and Mom is lying comfortably on her bed. We're watching Matlock right now, and even though the murder just happened, I am POSITIVE the nurse did it! I mean, it's so OBVIOUS! She's wearing the same coat the killer was wearing, and she wasn't there while the victim was having his heart attack with the excuse the he said she could go ahead and go.


Right now I'm trying to write a book series, name of the series soon to be released.

And on Matlock, the plot thickens O.O

Sorry! Ask any of my friends, family, and basically anyone that knows me, I am easily distracted. O.o

Back to the book series. I started writing the book but I didn't really write out my plot so it wasn't really working out, and I was trying to speed write so it basically turned out really bad once I got to chapter nine, so I decided to dump that, write an actual plot, and then write the first book.

I would also like to advertise that once I'm done with the first book, I'm going to put it on Amazon, available for download to Kindle! I'm really really really hoping and praying that it'll sell!

Yeesh, this show. Who in the world would want to be a judge in court? Let alone a lawyer!

Well I guess while I'm here I can go ahead and say that I have more big news! I'm going to be in an ice show! It's basically Disney on Ice, just a different name. (Copyright!) I'm so excited though! I'm going to be skating to the song "Touch the Sky" from the movie Brave, and also a song from The Lion King! I was so excited when I found out what song I was doing in The Lion King, mostly because it's basically my and Maddie's (Madelyn) theme song for like, everything!

Well more information coming out about my book series soon, and stay tuned for more adventures while in Jacksonville!

God Bless y'all!!!

                                                                                                  AKC <3

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